Sustainability is in our roots

Sustainability is enthusiastically embraced at Cintas, with company-wide green efforts that have positively improved the way we do business. Every decision we make takes into account the current and future environmental impact on our employee-partners, customers and communities.

In fact, environmental consciousness is simply in our roots — with our company beginning as a business that reclaimed and recycled rags from local factories. And today, we continue to be vigilant in our quest to minimize our footprint and preserve natural resources.


Fueling our sustainable spirit

As responsible stewards of the environment, we follow a simple philosophy of “doing what’s right, not just what’s expedient.” This sustainable spirit has defined us for more than 90 years, because we know that taking care of the environment doesn’t just help save resources and money … it also enhances all of our lives.


Environmental Awards

  • Ranked among the Top 500 Greenest Companies in America by Newsweek magazine.
  • Recognized by Matthew 25:Ministries for Environmental Stewardship.
  • Received the Environmental Excellence Award from the Association of Washington Business for resource conservation and pollution prevention.
  • Awarded Water Re-Use Customer of the Year from the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Ontario, California.

Saving valuable resources across our facilities

With more than 400 facilities around the world, our high-sustainability standards focused on energy efficiency, water usage and waste reduction make us good corporate citizens and neighbors. Just one example: we’ve partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on their ENERGY STAR program — aiming to increase our energy-efficient products and practices.

Other examples include the fact that we’re converting energy-efficient lighting at most of our sites, and ensuring that all of our laundry facilities treat wastewater to remove pollutants before discharging. We’re also dedicated to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions with advanced moisture management methods that help reduce garment drying time.


Facilities Awards

  • Hampton Roads Sanitation Department Gold Pre-treatment Award given to Portsmouth, VA rental location for going one full year without a violation
  • Fort Worth Water Department Pre-treatment Partnership Award given to Dallas rental operation for five years of 100% compliance with local, state and federal pre-treatment regulations.
  • Missouri Environment Association Industrial Wastewater Committee Pre-treatment Award given to Springfield, MO rental plant.



Products and services that leave the world a better place

Being committed to environmental and ergonomic sustainability is an ambitious goal that demands constant innovation — and nowhere is this more evident than with our industry-leading products and services. In every way possible, we continue searching for ways to minimize our own environmental footprint, as well as the footprint of our customers.



Made out of 100% recycled polyester produced entirely from post-consumer waste, this collection is exclusive to Cintas. One single suit is comprised of approximately 25 recycled 2-liter plastic bottles.



Made with DuPontTM Sorona® renewably sourced fiber, the fabric we use in our AR Red Collection reduces carbon dioxide emissions used in the manufacturing process by as much as 63%.




These innovative mats are manufactured by using post-consumer plastic bottles that have been ground and extruded to produce a high-quality fiber — resulting in thousands of plastic bottles being kept out of landfills every year



By ensuring that only one piece of absorbent paper is used at a time, our paper towel dispenser is specially designed to minimize wasted resources. Plus, our air freshener promotes higher air quality by using a passive system rather than blasts of aerosol propellants — while our moisturizing foam soap is an EcoLogoTM Certified and USDA Certified Biobased product.




With microfiber lasting up to 6 times longer than cotton, this innovative system reduces chemical and water usage up to 95% and sends less waste to landfills.



Recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice Program, our Drain Line Maintainer (DLM) digests the fats, oils, grease and other kitchen food wastes that accumulate in drain lines — keeping drains flowing freely.


Products and Services Awards

  • Honorable Mention recognition from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable for the release of our CARB-Compliant Heavy-Duty Hand Scrub.