Tonya Yates

Ready for the Workday® means Ready™ for the Unexpected. We are proud to share the story about the heroic actions of one of our own, Tonya Yates!

While on her way to visit a customer in Illinois, Tonya came upon a head-on collision between a truck and a van. The man in the van was severely injured with a head injury and Tonya immediately grabbed her first aid supplies and ran to the scene to help. She applied gauze and pressure to his head, along with a blood compress to control the bleeding. Tonya talked to the victim to keep him calm until the paramedics arrived. Once they got him out of the vehicle, he was flown to a hospital in St. Louis.

Both drivers in the accident survived and are currently recovering. Tonya Yates is a Service Sales Representative from our Hazelwood, Missouri location and recently received her recertification in First Aid/CPR.

Thanks to Tonya for being Ready™ for the unexpected!