Mark Mattson

Ready for the Workday® means Ready™ for the unexpected. We are proud to share the story about the heroic actions of one of our own, Mark Mattson!

While servicing a waste and recycling center customer, Mark became aware that an employee of the customer had collapsed while unloading a truck. A co-worker of the gentleman began calling for water. Mark ran to his van, grabbing a gallon container of water and 3 bulk ice packs. When Mark returned, the victim was barely moving, and fading fast due to heat stroke in the 100+ degree weather

Mark popped the ice packs and placed them under the victim’s armpits and behind his neck. Mark then poured some water over the fallen man and gave him some to drink. After a few minutes the victim began to speak, was able to move his extremities, and was then moved to a cooler location to recover. Thanks to Mark’s quick reaction and his Cintas CPR/AED/First Aid Training, this man is still alive today.

Mark Mattson is a SSR from our South Florida location. Thanks Mark for being Ready™ for the unexpected!