Harvey Todd

Ready for the Workday® means being Ready™ for the unexpected.
We are proud to share the story about the heroic actions of one of our own, Harvey Todd.

During a recent rain storm, Harvey witnessed a car hydroplane off the road. He approached the vehicle, and noticed the individual inside was not moving. Harvey pulled to the side of the road to assist. He opened the door and saw a pregnant woman holding her abdomen area. She said she was 33 weeks pregnant and was hurting badly. Her phone was dying, so Harvey moved her to his car to call her family. Harvey stayed with her until the police and paramedics arrived. Harvey checked on her later that day; she and the baby were doing well.

Harvey Todd is a Uniform Rental Service Sales Representative from our Wilmington, North Carolina location. Thanks to Harvey for being Ready™ for the unexpected and making a positive impact in your community!