Andy Faust

Helping our customers get Ready for the Workday® also means helping our customers stay READY™ for the unexpected and be the hero. Recently, Andy Faust, a Fire Service Sales Representative from our Cincinnati, OH location shared the story below from one of his customers.

During a recent service visit, Andy learned that the customer had a discharged extinguisher on his truck that he had been meaning to have recharged but never did. Andy recharged the extinguisher and made sure all the other extinguishers were up to code. Later that day, the customer called the Cintas location to say that while he was on his way to lunch, he noticed a car fire. He got out of his truck and immediately noticed that the driver of the car was also on fire. The customer used the recently recharged extinguisher to put out the fire and save the man’s life. The customer was very happy and thankful that he was able to stop and help!