Aaron Palmer and Steve Fischer

Ready™ Is The Hero! We are proud to share the following story about the heroic actions of two of our own, Aaron Pamenter and Steve Fischer.

While traveling to a customer visit, Aaron and Steve noticed a smoking car in the ditch. As they passed the car, they realized that someone had driven off the road. Aaron called 911 and they decided to check to see if things were okay with anyone in the vehicle. They grabbed the fire extinguisher and hopped a fence to get to the car. There was only one individual in the car and he was unconscious. They had to pound on the window to get the guy to wake up. All airbags were deployed and the car was still smoking. Once the door was opened, Steve turned the car off immediately which stopped the smoke. They stayed with the person until paramedics and police arrived. Their concern and quick thinking helped this person stay safe and helped his chances to get quick medical attention.

Aaron Pamenter is a Service Sales Representative and Steve Fischer is a Service Supervisor. Both employee-partners are from our Greenville, Wisconsin location. Thank you, partners!