The heart of Cintas is much more than products and services

There’s no question that our industry-leading products and services help keep Cintas customers feeling prepared and Ready for the Workday®. But our company is also driven by a steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility. A dedication to practicing business in the highest ethical manner, maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, upholding world-class safety standards, providing sustainable offerings, and caring for our communities—all of these crucial aspects are at the heart of how we do business at Cintas.

At Cintas, doing what’s right is something we’re committed to.

I couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made — and I’m truly looking forward to continued collaboration with our employee-partners, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

Scott D. Farmer
Executive Chairman

We hold ourselves accountable at every level

Cintas partners are committed to the responsible and ethical business practices that have come to be expected from us. So it’s not surprising that our unmatched reputation for honesty, accountability and professionalism have consistently ranked us among the most admired and trustworthy companies in America.

Always, we operate according to the Cintas Code of Conduct — mandating full compliance with laws and regulations and preserving the integrity of our company.

Cintas Code of Conduct Guidelines

For every business decision we make, we ask these important questions for guidance:

  • Will this action endanger anyone’s life, health or safety?
  • Is it legal?
  • Will I be violating either a law or a company policy?
  • Is it honest in every respect?
  • How will my actions make me feel about myself? Will it make me proud or ashamed?
  • How would I feel if my actions were disclosed to the media?
  • How will I feel if my family knows about it?

The Cintas culture is the difference maker

Our culture at Cintas is just as essential as our products and services. In fact, it makes all the difference — impacting the quality of the employees we hire, the way we communicate and interact with our customers and each other, and our world-class performance standards.

Our culture is the cornerstone representing our values, our behaviors, our way of working and how we approach our business…strong relationships and a dedication to taking care of one another and our customers.

We’re also dedicated to enriching the professional development of our employee-partners … providing ongoing training and creating an environment that helps them leverage their strengths and develop their talents. Our employees enjoy both vertical and lateral moves, and we always encourage them to go as far as their ambition takes them.

Of course, we also offer an array of valuable benefits to help protect our partners’ well-being and give them peace of mind about their financial future — including competitive pay, plenty of career advancement opportunities, great health benefits, supportive health and wellness programs, and attractive retirement.

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  1. Our Principle Objective
    We will exceed our customers’ expectations to maximize our long-term value for our shareholders and working partners.
  2. Our Corporate Character
    We are professional, with high ethical and moral values. We also attend to every detail with competitive urgency, and we’re driven by a sense of positive discontent.
  3. Our Management System
    We’re guided by a dynamic management system, with policies and procedures that help ensure reliability and operational consistency.

Cintas leaders say it best

  • “Corporate culture is the single most important distinguishing factor between greatness and mediocrity. It is the major reason Cintas is different from competitors and other companies. It is our ultimate competitive advantage.” -Richard Farmer, Cintas Founder
  • “So many of our top leaders began their impressive careers in our Management Trainee program. Just like I did…class of 1982.” -Scott Farmer, Chief Executive Officer of Cintas
  • “Change careers without changing companies.” -Bob Mitchell, Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
  • “At Cintas, our culture demands that we continuously find new ways to merge our customer’s needs with our internal business goals as well as sustainable engagement and inclusion for each of our employee-partners. This is one of the keys to our ongoing success.” -Max Langenkamp, Chief Diversity Officer & Vice President of Human Resources
  • “There are so many opportunities for growth at Cintas and those opportunities will only increase as the company’s success continues to increase.” -Michelle Goret, Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • “One of the most rewarding and compelling reasons employee-partners join Cintas is that our customers trusted us to help them protect their most important assets – people and property.” -John Amann, COO of Fire Protection

Relevant Awards

  • FORTUNE 500
  • Recognized by Forbes as a:

    – Best Employer for Diversity

    – Best Employer for New Graduates

    – Best Large Employers

  • A Barron’s Most Sustainable Company Award
  • Diversity Plus magazine included Cintas in their Top 30 Champions of Diversity ranking
  • Listed among GI Jobs’ Top Military-Friendly Employers every year since 2005
  • Ranked in the Top 50 Military Spouse-Friendly Employers