Matthew 25: Ministries — Clothe the Kids

Cintas partners have donated more than 1.4 million articles of children‘s clothing to children in impoverished areas throughout the world. At Cintas, we understand the powerful effect an article of clean clothing can have on a person, especially a child. More importantly, we realize that the warmth a child feels when wearing a clean coat comes more from the gift of generosity than from the fleece or down of the coat.

That‘s why Cintas has teamed with Matthew 25: Ministries for the Cintas Clothe the Kids program. Dedicated to helping others, Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian and disaster relief organization helping the poorest of the poor. The organization has an extensive network of volunteers who sort, process, package, deliver and distribute donated items. This is done at a large processing warehouse that was dedicated in 2004 as the Cintas Humanitarian Aid Processing Center.

Clothe the Kids reflects the spirit of our culture and the character of our employee-partners. Together we have been able to help tens of thousands of children, and we’re just getting started. Cintas partner Maribel Rios said it best. “The program is important because it helps kids, especially the ones that are really in need. It says a lot about Cintas, that we are giving people — always willing to help.”

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Cintas partners and Matthew 25: Ministries representatives reflect on how Clothe the Kids has touched their lives as they work together to make a difference where it matters the most, in the heart and mind of a child in need.
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Clothe the Kids eBook
The Clothe the Kids Coffee Table Book was developed to create awareness within Cintas and throughout each Cintas location‘s community as it relates to our corporate philanthropy, Clothe the Kids, and partnership with Matthew 25: Ministries. To learn more about this companywide initiative, please visit the Clothe the Kids eBook.

Clothe the Kids in Appalachia
Cintas and Matthew 25: Ministries teamed up to deliver brand new winter coats to needy children in West Virginia.
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Clothe the Kids in Haiti
Cintas and Matthew 25: Ministries embarked on a trip to Haiti together to help provide medical assistance and clothing to children in need in several orphanages.
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Clothe the Kids