Adopt a Military Partner Program

In 2005, after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were under way, Cintas corporate partners began “adopting” military partners and their families.

The goal was to develop an informal support system for partners deployed to military assignments, as well as their families back home.

Dozens of Cintas partners have adopted military partners since 2005. Cintas partners send care packages, e-mails and letters to active duty military partners as a way to thank them for their sacrifices. Partners also maintain contact with spouses and children of military partners.

It is part of the Cintas culture to rally around and embrace our partners in need, especially supporting our extended military family. Such was the case earlier this month at Loc. #256 in Columbus, Ga., where Cintas partners sent cards, flowers and other support to partner Walter Watkins after learning that his 24-year-old son-in-law was killed in combat.

Branch Manager Ben Russell described the support for Walter as “a great thing to do for a great partner.” All of our partners deserve a hearty “thank you” for their compassion and willingness to serve when the need arises.