Partner Success Stories: Living the Spirit of Cintas

Dedication, perseverance and accomplishment are seen every day at Cintas. So are the opportunities that accompany those traits. We have thousands of partners who live the spirit of Cintas by continually exceeding expectations. Their great performance deserves great opportunity, and they seize it, time and time again. We are highlighting several dozen of these partners who began their Cintas careers in entry-level jobs and have steadily increased their level of contribution and responsibility.

These are just a few of the hundreds of similar stories of human spirit and accomplishment by ordinary people doing extraordinary things at Cintas. We salute these featured partners and all of the partners who have built Cintas into a company that consistently delivers long-term value.

Mor Ba
Mor Ba, Production Supervisor - 10 Years of Service
Mor's partners appreciate that he has walked in their shoes. He started as a fabric spreader, and they know he has what it takes to help them succeed. Mor feels that he has always been given the opportunity to learn and perform as many functions as he could at Cintas. He also says, "Management has always demonstrated how important I am by listening to me, challenging me and showing appreciation of my efforts."
Jerry Matherne
Jerry Matherne, General Manager - 26 Years of Service
Looking back over 26 years, Jerry says that the word "opportunity" sums up the main reason for his success at Cintas. Opportunity has served as both a challenge and a reward, and Jerry has seized it every time. He says, "I strive to perform consistently at high levels and in return, all Cintas has ever done is give me more opportunities. What more can anyone ask of his company?"
Randy Galvin
Randy Galvin, General Manager - 11 Years of Service
Randy is the living definition of competitive urgency. If something needs to be done right, people get Randy involved. Randy credits his success to all of his managers and mentors who have helped in his development and took an interest in seeing him be successful.
Jason Schulz
Jason Schulz, Service Director, Six Sigma Black Belt - 12 Years of Service
From his first position as a truck loader, Jason credits his success to the great leaders and mentors who have worked with him and taught him. He says, "I think Cintas is as truly special place to work. We have so many great partners at our company. They all bring something unique to the table and I try to learn something from every partner I meet."
Macarena Cloninger
Macarena Cloninger, General Manager, Location 083 - 6 Years of Service
Instituting an open door policy and being bilingual have enhanced Macarena’s relationships with her partners. She enjoys mentoring and developing partners by leading by example and instilling a sense of ownership. She believes being firm, fair and consistent creates an environment that generates teamwork and a culture of excellence.
Randy Verboon
Randy Verboon, General Manager - 19 Years of Service
Randy believes he has been successful because he has had the opportunity to work with some of the finest people he ever met, all working toward the same goal. Randy says, "Cintas has and does provide opportunity to every partner. I simply capitalized on those opportunities. I took the best practices from all over our company and learned from them. How could I go wrong learning from one of the best-managed companies in the world?"
Hasan Momin
Hasan Momin, Production Supervisor - 10 Years of Service
Hasan is a great Cintas partner - dedicated to working hard, learning new things and teaching others. In his current role as production supervisor, Hasan tries to pass along to his partners the same respect and guidance that he received from his managers. He finds that "Every day at Cintas brings new challenges and rewards."
Steve Kanarek
Steve Kanarek, Major Account Manager, Healthcare - 20 Years of Service
Steve has a passion for Cintas that is evident to everyone he meets. Steve has had 20 successful years at Cintas because every time he reaches a goal, he sets a higher one. That feeling of positive discontent and a will to consistently improve are the embodiment of the Cintas culture.
Nick Pickens
Nick Pickens, General Manager - 13 Years of Service
Nick went from a service sales representative to a general manager of a Cintas operation in seven years. He says, "My career path is living proof of the opportunity at Cintas. If you are committed, work hard, and get results within the boundaries of our culture, there is no limit to what you can achieve."
Jeff Alsip
Jeff Alsip, General Manager - 28 Years of Service
Jeff's parents instilled in him a tremendous work ethic. He attributes his success to his dedication along with the support and guidance he received from some outstanding Cintas partners over his 28 years of service. Jeff says, "I have been mentored by the best, which makes Cintas a great place to work."
John Meirose
John Meirose, SAP Business Process Owner - 13 Years of Service
From cutter operator to traffic manager, John's rise through the ranks at Cintas speaks of his hard work and desire to excel. John credits his success to determination and going the extra mile for his customers. John also points out, "I am thankful to work for a company that promotes internal partners to management levels."
Lena McClinton
Lena McClinton, Senior Manager, Production Planning - 23 Years of Service
Lena credits hard work, determination and the willingness to take on new challenges for her success at Cintas. And, of course, she always puts the customer first. Treating partners with dignity and respect is a hallmark of her leadership style. By encouraging them to seek challenging opportunities, Lena helps partners learn new skills and grow within their jobs.
Terry Boudreaux
Terry Boudreaux, Plant Manager - 34 Years of Service
Throughout his 34 years of service, Terry has always done the right thing versus the easy thing. He also displays a passion for both his internal and external customers. Terry credits his success to the good supervisors for whom he has worked over the years. He says they have allowed him to try different things and to learn from his mistakes.
Dan Manzo
Dan Manzo, Production Supervisor - 27 Years of Service
Dan treats his partners as he would want to be treated, with fairness, consistency and plenty of opportunity to grow. Dan says, "I work with a great team of partners who motivate me each day to give my best. Every day with Cintas is an opportunity to learn, which allows me to grow both personally and professionally."
Mike Dudczyk
Mike Dudczyk, General Manager - 21 Years of Service
Over the course of 21 years, Mike has gone from a service sales reprensentative to a general manager. He feels that he has been so successful because Cintas is made up of partners who want to succeed, constantly challenge each other, bring out the best in each other, and are always eager to help when needed. He says, "Cintas is a great place to work. It is a family, not just a company!"
Brad Feldtz
Brad Feldtz, Sales Director Marketing - 22 Years of Service
Brad believes that, at Cintas, hard work and dedication are the main ingredients in success. He says that the best part about working for Cintas is the partners. From the beginning of his career 22 years ago, he remembers being impressed with the dedication and professionalism of Cintas partners and knew then that this was the place for him.
Bobbie Guercio
Bobbie Guercio, Executive Administrative Assistant to GVP - 18 Years of Service
From her first role as a shop towel folder, and throughout her career, Bobbie has always been the kind of partner every manager wants. Everyone in her operation sees Bobbie as the "go-to" person. Bobbie believes that she has always been given the opportunity to prove herself and has always received the support and confidence of her managers and fellow partners at Cintas.
Bob Ferraro
Bob Ferraro, General Manager - 23 Years of Service
When Bob came to Cintas in 1984, he was simply looking for a job that would give him full-time work with the flexibility to finish his undergraduate degree. Within months, he realized that he had discovered an unbelievable career opportunity in what he calls a "fast-paced, growth-oriented company that rewards its employees for performance." Bob claims at that point he knew he was onto something great!
Danny Kelly
Danny Kelly, Maintenance Manager - 25 Years of Service
Danny started with a company Cintas acquired and progressed through the ranks of production. When Cintas bought Danny's company, his leadership ability was quickly recognized and he was promoted several more times. Danny credits his success to the great partners surrounding him. He says, "When you are as fortunate as I am to work with great partners, it is not hard to achieve your goals."
Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker, Service Manager - 18 Years of Service
Stephen is a tremendous asset to Cintas. Over his 18 years with the company, he has always been a partner that could be counted on to get the job done. Stephen says, "There is no way for me to have come this far without the support of my front-line partners and Cintas management. This support has been invaluable and I greatly appreciate it. My family and I have been very blessed with the opportunity to grow with a great company like Cintas."
Kristi Clement Williams
Kristi Clement Williams, Director, Corporate Diversity & Inclusion – Corporate Office - 15 Years of Service
Cintas has trusted Kristi to work on many firsts in her career, since most of her positions were newly created. For the last several years, Kristi has steered the way on the company’s diversity and inclusion journey. From the chartering of our Diversity Committee, to implementing our comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Program, Kristi’s accomplishments have positively impacted both Cintas and our partners. "We continue to strive to create a truly diverse and inclusive environment for our partners. The opportunity for continued success is limitless," says Williams.
Ken Greenfield
Ken Greenfield, Assistant General Manager - 21 Years of Service
Ken started with Cintas as a 16-year-old boy washing trucks. In his years of service, he has absorbed the skills and knowledge necessary to become the best at each position he held. Ken calls Cintas a great company and says, "Cintas has provided me with exceptional training and support in every job I have held." He feels he works with exceptional partners who achieve great things every day.
Scott Bryk
Scott Bryk, Service Manager - 16 Years of Service
Scott is the consummate team player and a loyal and dedicated partner. When he walked in the door 16 years ago as a wash room partner, Scott wanted to start a career with a solid company. "Cintas has been that company," he says. "I have enjoyed working here in all of the positions that I have held."
Cheryn Swallow
Cheryn Swallow, Director of Contracts and Pricing - 26 Years of Service
Cheryn attributes her success at Cintas to her willingness to work hard in an environment that has continually provided her with opportunities for more responsibility, greater challenges, growth and learning. She has eagerly seized those opportunities and has earned the trust and respect of her partners.
Tim Stoviak
Tim Stoviak, Service Manager - 21 Years of Service
Over the course of 21 years, Tim's understanding of and ability to exceed what is expected of him have resulted in his rise to service manager. He has developed a team of long-term, loyal service sales representatives who enjoy their positions and the challenges that come with continuous success.
Charlotte Wolff
Charlotte Wolff, Stockroom Manager - 40 Years of Service
As stockroom manager, Charlotte feels that without her partners, she could not have been successful. They work as a team and everyone's input is important and contributes to the success of the department. Speaking of her 40 years of service, Charlotte says, "I have always had the support and encouragement of my managers."
Jeff Lindholm
Jeff Lindholm, Service Manager - 19 Years of Service
Jeff began his career at Cintas 19 years ago working part time while attending college. Jeff believes that the number of different positions he has held over the years at Cintas has played a role in his success. He says, "Each job that I have had has allowed me to see more clearly how the various departments relate to and rely on each other."