"Diversity is often used to refer to the differences in race, gender, disability status, religion, national origin ... but really, it encompasses an infinite range of an individual's unique characteristics and experiences. It's something we can all be proud of here at Cintas."
— Kristi Clement Williams, Director of Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

Cintas hires 4 associates from inReturn, an organization dedicated to helping victims of traumatic brain injury transition to work.

Cintas' Diversity Strategy

Cintas is committed to diversity and constantly looks for ways to be an inclusive organization to maximize our partners’ contributions. Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy helps drive the success of our Diversity & Inclusion Program.

Cintas Diversity Day in Mason, OH

Flags representing Cintas' Mason, OH distribution center employees from nearly 30 countries hung from the ceiling while partners enjoyed homemade dishes native to each nation.

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