Cintas Heroes

Mark Simpson:
Outstanding Cintas Hero

Mark Simpson, a Health and Safety Specialist working at Cintas First Aid and Safety facility in Kansas City, KS, exemplified the Cintas spirit when his quick action saved lives and minimized injury during an attack at a Topeka television station this past May.

Clark Smith & Jackson Weaver

Mark was teaching a CPR class at WIBW-TV in Topeka when the class was interrupted by a commotion down the hall. Mark, along with a few others from the class, proceeded down the hall toward the disturbance, only to discover a knife-wielding man had just broken through a secured door.

Mark and some of the station’s employees were able to disarm and subdue the assailant until police arrived. He also took the lead in providing First Aid to the individuals who were stabbed or otherwise injured during the melee until paramedics arrived. After the assailant was in custody, Mark even retrieved the station’s Bloodborne Pathogens Kit and led the clean-up efforts to further minimize risk to others - a true heroic performance from start to finish.

Congratulations to Mark Simpson, our newest Outstanding Cintas Hero for 2012!

Recognizing Jerry Wheeler

Cintas driver Jerry Wheeler rescues Indiana woman who tried to drive car through water.

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