Cintas Heroes

Jeff Jones:
Outstanding Cintas Hero

Jeff Jones, a Service Manager working at a Cintas Rental facility in York, Pennsylvania, exemplified the Cintas spirit when his quick action saved the life of one of his customers at a business dinner earlier this year.

Jeff Jones

When a member of the dining party stood up and walked to the end of the table, most of the party didn’t flinch and thought he may have simply been taking a phone call. Jeff thought otherwise. He asked the man if he was choking and when the customer was unable to respond, Jeff jumped into action and ran to the other side of the table where he immediately began to perform the Heimlich Maneuver to perfection. The stuck piece of food was freed and the victim was able to regain his breath. Jeff saved a life by taking action and using his first aid training. Jeff Jones is a true Cintas Hero! With the deeper knowhow and caring for each of his customers, Jeff went above and beyond to help assure the safety of his friends, family, and peers.

Congratulations to Jeff Jones, our newest Outstanding Cintas Hero for 2014!

Recognizing Jerry Wheeler

Cintas driver Jerry Wheeler rescues Indiana woman who tried to drive car through water.

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