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The Cintas Acts of Kindness program was established in 2009 to recognize Cintas partners who quietly serve their community. Every day partners provide much needed assistance to those in need and to charitable organizations through selfless acts of kindness. These partners represent outstanding spirit and initiative to help fellow partners and/or those in their community. In addition, these partners exemplify the Cintas spirit and culture on a regular basis.

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Cintas Acts of Kindness in the News

Adventurous set of puppies found and returned to their owner

On Monday morning, a driver of a Cintas Van (a company that delivers industrial mats and uniforms) made an unusual discovery -- and an unexpected delivery.

While covering his route on County Road 109, west of Arthur the unidentified driver saw a blond Labrador retriever puppy lying on the road. He stopped his vehicle and three more puppies climbed up out of the ditch. They looked about two months old. Although obviously well cared for, the puppies were hungry after their morning romp. Touched by their discomfort, the driver offered his lunch.

After the puppies gobbled the meal the driver loaded the puppies into the van and drove them to Township of Wellington North office in Kenilworth. They arrived just after the office opened at 8am. Simply wanting the puppies to be safe, the driver didn’t leave his name. The folks at township office fashioned a bed for the tuckered foursome in the work yard office.

"We made them at home and started to make some phone calls," said Gary Williamson, Manager of Public Works. Almost everyone in the office paid a visit to the exhausted puppies. If no one had arrived to claim the puppies, chances are they would have found new homes by day’s end. However, before lunchtime the township had tracked down their owner, Sherry Henry.

"Pups that big aren’t going to travel very far," Williamson said. "We had a starting point and knew a few people in the area."

Williamson’s foreman Andrew Morrison recognized the puppies and a phone call was made. Sherry was thrilled her escaped puppies were found but was unable to retrieve them because she was at work. Her sister-in-law Sharon Henry came right over to collect the wayward foursome. Sharon brought a fifth puppy to the reunion.

"This puppy decided to stay home," she said.

The plump puppies are well and safely back home thanks to a kindly driver who came to their aid and a determined crew at the township office.

"We were happy we could find their home." Williamson said. "It was a nice ending."

Original story published Aug 14th, 2009 in the Arthur Enterprise News