Acts of Kindness - Ontario

Organization: ReForest London

Heather Couch
In an attempt to become better corporate citizens, the sales partners at location 839 in London and location 847 in Windsor, Ontario committed to dedicating their time once each quarter to help out in the local London community. To kick off the new fiscal year, Nick Regier, Scott Borrows, Scott Jones, Angelo Mastrolacasa, Len Meloche, Heather Thomson, Tony Stanton and Heather Couch collaborated with ReForest London, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with the community to plant one million trees to enhance the environment and human health in the Forest City. As a team, they spent last Friday afternoon taking part in a seedling aftercare event, which involved identifying over four hundred planted seedlings, laying down mulch and ridding the area of weeds, in order to facilitate future growth. Additionally they were able to plant a few dozen new trees in the area as well. The experience gave the team a chance to strengthen their bond, but more importantly afforded each member the chance to better their community. As a result, they have gained a greater appreciation and awareness of the benefits that trees provide to the environment. Furthermore, the team is looking forward to their next opportunity to give back to the community.


Organization: Community Living Peterborough

Kevin Healey
I wish to send you a letter of acknowledgement and congratulate your company on hiring the best professional people possible. I have had the privilege of observing and watching a friendship grow between Kevin Healey and Brennan. Brennan works at National Sports in Peterborough as a cleaner on Tuesday and Thursdays. Brennan is a middle aged man that has some trust issues and is perceived as a loner. He comes to life the minute he hears Kevin’s “Cintas” truck pull into the lot. Kevin acknowledges Brennan first and foremost when he arrives. He greets him with a friendly smile and “How’s it going Buddy?” Brennan smiles and the conversations begin. Brennan will talk to Kevin about his good days or bad days that he has had over the week. Remember, Brennan does not trust many people. Kevin has never judged Brennan. Kevin listens to Brennan with compassion and as a real friend would. On Thursday’s Brennan arrives at work and gets all the items off the mats so they are ready to be changed by Kevin. He rushes to the back and gets his mop and Kevin changes it so Brennan is washing the floors with a clean mop head. Kevin and Brennan now joke with each other. Kevin says, “Hey you’re my brother from a different mother.” Brennan laughs and now calls Kevin, Brother! This transition has been amazing! Kevin took his time to befriend Brennan and now they have a bond that warms my heart. Brennan enjoys working on Thursday because he is going to see his “Buddy Kevin.” If you hand pick your employees, you have done an amazing job picking Kevin as one of your employees. He is first and foremost very professional, completing his tasks as he talks with Brennan. Kevin is kindhearted, thoughtful and very friendly. When he gave Brennan a hat and 2 t-shirts from Cintas, Brennan couldn’t wait to show them off to his manager and myself and then to his mom and brothers. I have seen such a positive change in Brennan due to this growing friendship with Kevin. The culture that Kevin portrays out in the community is above and beyond what his duties are. I am recommending that Kevin be acknowledged for his professionalism in the community. On behalf of Community Living Peterborough, I wish to congratulate Kevin Healey on his outstanding personality and wish him the best with his future at Cintas.


Organization: Sick Kids Hospital

Sonja Corsico
Christmas 2010, as a location it was decided to do something for the community. Sonja Corsico decided that we should raise funds for the Hospital for Sick Kids. She started to collect donations and was able to raise just over $350.00. The partners at her location have decided to make this an annual event.


Organization: Salvation Army

Melanie Coombs
Every year Location 885 Newmarket, ON holds a Christmas Party for our Partners’ Children. We have a group of Partners - four to be exact - who meet months in advance to organize and volunteer there time and energy to make this a great event for the kids. We start by announcing the party and a food drive for our local Salvation Army. We have been doing this for the last 3 years. We never did this before and we wanted to start something. Thanks to Jayne, Liz, Kristin and Mel.