Acts of Kindness - Ohio

Location F73 – Rick Schnipke & David Davis
While driving back from teaching a class, Rick Schnipke and David Davis came upon what seemed at first to be just a bunch of cars lined up on the side of the road. As they approached the cars, they noticed that one was wrecked and was on fire. As they got closer they saw a man badly bruised and bleeding, stumble out of his car. Rick quickly attended to the man and began to check his health, and David grabbed an extinguisher and rushed to the front of the car to put the fire out. They then waited until the police and ambulance came. Rick and David’s quick thinking helped prevent further injuries and damage.


Location D02 – Service Team
John Brailsford has been a partner at our location for almost a year now. Recently, his son in Kansas had a tragic accident leaving him near dead. Thank God for the Police Officer who saw the vehicle in the pouring rain and decided to look around in the grass. John’s son, Jared, was found to have been ejected from the car and lying in the grass. The Officer believed he was dead. When the paramedics came, they were actually able to revive him. In the hospital, the medical team decided they needed to remove part of his skull to allow his head to swell. Obviously John is now back in Kansas helping his son recover and will be for the near future. Having heard the news of their partner’s son, our SSRs got together and decided to take the winnings from the Regional Roundup contest ($1000) and give it to John. With the help of our HR team, we made that happen for him! Realizing that John would be in Kansas for a while, we worked it out with the GM of D43, Deanna Jones, to allow him to work out of their facility. At this point, his son seems to be recovering well but John will remain in Kansas until Jared is back on his feet. We hope to have John back at our operation in the next few weeks. It is times like these where I feel fortunate to work for a company like Cintas. I feel like our team and the team in Kansas gave true meaning to the word “Partner”.

One of our SSR’s, Tom Winters, had his house burglarized and set on fire last week. The fire resulted in very minimal damage. However, the theft resulted in a safe being broke into and $1,800 in cash stolen. The cash was for Christmas. Tony Little, another SSR at the location, immediately contacted his church upon learning of the situation. Tony's church donated $200 in Wal-Mart gift cards to the SSR and Tony gave another $50 out of his pocket. The location is also taking donations to help.


Organization: Touching Little Lives

Margie Cox
10 years ago, just a few weeks after I became a Cintas partner, my grandson was born at 24 weeks gestation, weighing only 1 pound 9 ounces. It was a stressful time, with Ethan suffering from most of the things micro-preemies generally get. He was 2-3 months old before he was able to be held by his parents and grandparents. His mother read in the literature she was given that being able to dress their babies in clothes that fit helped mother and baby to bond, and gave the mother a sense of normalcy. She asked me to find something for Ethan and I began looking online after discovering that clothing in the local stores marked preemie were really too big, sometimes newborn size. I couldn't believe the prices online for preemies that would fit! One tee was $8.95, one sleeper was $19.99! Having done a lot of sewing in the past, I went looking for patterns and found an organization that made and donated clothing for preemies that fit for free.

That was the beginning of my involvement with Touching Little Lives. Touching Little Lives has over 1000 volunteers in Ohio with groups in the Cincinnati and Columbus areas. Today I am a board member and Regional Coordinator for the Cincinnati area with 2 workgroups located in Milford and West Chester. We make and donate free of charge quilts, blankets, tee, sleepers, hats, booties, afghans, burial layettes, etc. to preemie and needy babies in Ohio. We serve Good Sam, University, Bethesda, Fairfield Mercy, Middletown Atrium hospitals and recently Children's hospital, as well as other different agencies such as Pregnancy Center of Clermont County and Warren County Prenatal Clinic. No volunteer is paid for their time and we depend entirely on donations. We have even used Cintas shirts to make our sleepers and onesies and tees! Please check us at our website


Organization: Locks of Love

Holly Burkhardt
I recently donated a 14 inch ponytail to Locks of Love. This organization provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who suffer from long-term hair loss. I would like to encourage other partners to donate their hair. Please check the Locks of Love website at for donation information.








Organization: United Way

Rhonda Dawson
Wilmington, OH where Rhonda Dawson lives was hit hard when DHL left. Rhonda was honored for her work with United Way as Volunteer of the Year. She doesn’t stop there as she is very active in the community helping in all arenas.