Acts of Kindness - Connecticut

Organization: Red Cross

Paul Velikaneye
Paul recently received the Red Cross Community Impact Award for his work with the VFW, raising money to send care packages to our soldiers overseas. To quote from the nomination Paul received: "I would like to nominate Cintas the Uniform People for the work they do for the troops. We have had a working relationship with Cintas for five years now and get a lot of credit for all we do for the troops. The truth is we could not have sent the thousands of care packages to the troops if it wasn’t for Cintas. Our partner at Cintas is Paul, an easy going patriot, soft spoken and courteous and always on top of things. We come up with a design and fax it to Paul returns the product in the form of a beautiful shirt design that is wanted by all who see it. The designs are always a tribute to our veterans, deployed soldiers and military supporters. The shirts have become a collector’s item for the community and knowing the proceeds go to the troops everyone wants to have each year’s design. Everything is at a tremendous discount to the help the cause. At the end of every year Cintas will send the proceeds to fund another year of Collection Days for our troops. You have NO idea the number of email and thank you note that we receive, the real thank you goes to Cintas and their wonderful staff. Last year our design had the input from two Vietnam Veterans, boy do they feel proud to see the sales of this design at the top. The feeling’s of a veteran to be part of such a community program is more than you or I can imagine. We try to keep the Veteran’s involved with the program along with their family members which is all funded by Cintas, they are truly the Uniform People, for the people and by the people. As you can see there is a lot of behind the scene community hero’s that make it happen and never would ask for anything in return. They are the people you pass in the mall or the grocery store, doing outstanding things like this that just come natural and affect so many people. Cintas truly goes the extra mile to help our troops and our community. We are so very grateful for their support and generosity." Gaye, Brenda and Phyllis Oakville VFW 7330 Ladies Auxiliary Oakville VFW 7330 Ladies Auxiliary.